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APM is a suite of tools which manages productivity (labour) and demand (work) for automobile repair shops. By calculating the demand for a certain repair and the available people on the work floor processes are optimized and a higher productivity can be achieved.

Nico Hilderink and his businesspartner worked out a system to improve productivity and efficiency in repair shops. Allowing management to gain more control over the overall processes, personnel and the input of work.
Together they worked out a proof of concept in Excel and they we’re surprised by the improvements they could make, up to 70%. They were set to continue developing the tool but scalability was a big concern, the app basically slowed down dramatically as the number of orders entered into the Excel steadily growed.

From excel to a dedicated application

When Nico came in to contact with Innouveau he wanted to improve upon the Excel file and was looking for people to help him. After a first meeting we all agreed that it would be better to work out an application that would outperform the Excel approach.
The first iteration was a success, the user interface was much clearer for people to work with since every action now had dedicated buttons and screens. Also the speed was much better and since we utilize a database they’re able to store as much data as they wanted.

Up until today we keep on improving the tool and we expanded the toolbox with many other tools, a common API connects these tools and use data from each other. Complex calculations are delegated to a backend server for reporting and creating overviews which are used to improve the services to the repair shops.

We collaborate to advance

The relation between CRS-I and Innouveau has been very close and that serves a purpose, as tech heads we need to step into the shoes of the end users. A profession we have no prior experience in. We need to know about the abilities of these people, about how they work to create a digital environment they can use, which aids them instead of hindering.
To achieve this state of mind we always have direct contact with CRS-I, and we receive feedback of the end users so no information is lost between different layers of departments.

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